Business Services

Outsourced services allows you to choose the services you want, when you need them.

Although we specialize in legal assistance, we have the expertise to provide you with full administrative services to compliment any law firm, small business, or entrepreneur. All services are strictly confidential.

We can prepare and finalize all court documents for civil proceedings including personal injury, foreclosures, family, and general litigation. We can also assist you with wills and estates; and, not to forget, the ever important billings.

In addition to legal assistance, we provide editing services for medical-legal reports pursuant to the SABS including catastrohpic impairments, income replacement benefits, medical rehabilitation, and plaintiff/defence medical reports.

Medical/legal Transcription

Medical transcription is calculated per line for good quality recordings. There will be an additional charge for poor quality recordings.

Copy editing/proofreading

Copy editing and proofreading for non-technical text is calculated per page. Please contact us to discuss pricing for editing medical-legal reports for plaintiff and defence, SABS including CAT, IRB, Post 104, med/rehab.

Conversational/lecture Transcription

Transcription (digital and tape) is calculated per audio minute for good quality recordings. There will be an additional charge for poor quality recordings.

Legal Assistant, Administrative Services

Legal assistant and administrative services including preparing documents, binders, briefs, document formatting, reports and research.

Onsite/Offsite Archiving

You've completed Mr. Smith's file and stuffed it in your rented storage. About once a year you go through the files and carefully select what needs to be shredded. The day after the shredding truck leaves, Mr. Smith returns to the office with a problem. The file's gone... somewhere.

We can put the file at your fingertips.


*Note: Plus applicable tax and disbursements.


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