Code of Ethics

We commit ourselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct and agree to:
code of ethics

  1. Act in the best interest of our clients, providing professional service with honesty, integrity, objectivity, and independence
  2. Do no harm to our clients, our colleagues, or ourselves
  3. Be cognizant of and conduct ourselves in accordance with the laws of Canada
  4. Be sensitive to cultural and ethnic diversity accepting the opinions and values of others are as valid as ours
  5. Protect the privacy and dignity of our clients
  6. Accept only those assignments that we have the knowledge and skill to perform
  7. Avoid acting for two or more clients in potentially conflicting situations without informing all parties and securing their agreement to the arrangement
  8. Acknowledge and correct errors
  9. Maintain and improve our professional skills
  10. Understand and apply the concepts of privilege and confidentiality


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